What is RankUp?

RankUp lets you monitor app rankings across all App Stores worldwide. You see rankings of your apps in Overall and Primary Category for all countries simultaneously.

Is there a limit on the number or type of apps I can track?

No. You can track any number of apps. We support iPhone, iPad and Universal apps. We will add the option to track Mac apps in future.

Will this app download a lot of data?

No. Rankings are fetched periodically on RankUp servers. The app will only receive the consolidated data for the requested app, which is generally a couple of KBs.

How frequently are the rankings updated?

RankUp servers generate new app rankings every hour.

Why do I see only a few countries in some of the app's results?

If the ranking for a particular country is lower than 200 under both, Overall & Primary Category, that country is omitted from the results.

How do I add a new app?

Tap the + icon on first screen to open the search screen. Search for your desired app, tap the app row from the results. It will be added to RankUp's home screen. You tap the added row to see the rankings for that app.

If you have suggestions or questions for us, please get in touch at hello@rankupapp.com.

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